• February 12, 2014

    Due to the forecasted heavy snowfall for our community beginning early Thursday morning and continuing into Friday, all residents should begin emergency preparations for an expected snowfall of up to 8-12” of heavy snow with a possible accumulations of 16”.

    We are requesting all residents voluntarily avoid parking in the roadway. The Town’s ordinance prohibits parking on the even side of the roadway during and for 24 hours after the snowfall is in effect. Please comply with this ordinance as it will greatly enhance the Department of Public Works ability to clear roadways efficiently. Violators of the ordinance could face up to a $90 fine and have their vehicle towed at their expense.

    In addition, Owner, tenant, occupant or any person having the care of any land or building adjoining any sidewalk or gutter shall within eight (8) hours if by daylight, by 11:00am if in the night all ice and snow. If unable to remove sand/salt or other proper substance shall be sprinkled in a manner to make safe for travel the walkway.
    It is also a violation of town ordinance to deposit snow from private driveways into the roadway and homeowners are responsible for violations committed by their private plowing contractors.

    Additionally, the Branford Fire Department warns to avoid carbon monoxide (CO) backing up into buildings. Please take the time to clear snow from the area where furnaces, hot water heaters, clothes dryers and other appliances vent outside the building. Should your Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm activate please evacuate the building and call 911.

    Please visit the town’s website at www.branford-ct.gov and www.branfordpolice.com for other storm related information.