• April 1, 2014

    Over the past several weeks there have been a number of burglaries from business and thefts from vehicles parked in their lots during the nighttime hours. Items taken have batteries and catalytic converters as well as other personal items left in the vehicle.

    The Police Department is requesting your assistance by being vigilant in protecting your business and personal property. Check to make certain all doors and windows are secured before leaving. If you have a burglary alarms and video recording system, ensure that it is working properly. Provide adequate exterior lighting. If possible, park vehicles in a garage or in a well-lit parking lot and lock their doors. Please remove tools, expensive electronic devices and other auto accessories from vehicles or keep the items out of plain view of potential thieves.

    If you have a surveillance system, check it daily for suspicious activity while the business was closed and report any activity immediately to police. When reporting any suspicious daytime activity Dispatchers will request as much information as possible. Please try to report a precise location and detailed descriptions of suspicious people including gender, race and clothing and for vehicles include make, model, color and license plate numbers if possible.

    Please report all activity to the police at 203-481-4241 or in an emergency by 911.

    In addition, please go to our website and follow the B-informed link. There you will be able to tailor the information you would like to receive in the future and register different ways to be notified including cell phones, pagers and email address.


    Any further inquires can be addresses to:
    Captain Geoffrey Morgan
    Patrol Commander / P.I.O.
    203-315-3914 Office